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By | December 7, 2017 Login Telstra is private IPv4 address mostly used in countries like Australia, Israel, Austria, Czech Republic and Norway. is basically default IP address assigned by router/asdl modems brand like Telstra, 2WIRE, Huawie, NetComm, Siemens, SpeedTouch, Zoom, Zyxel etc. Users can change default gateway IP address from Login. is not frequent used IP address for default gateway. Normally these IP addresses are and,192.168.178, but there are various IP’s used across globe by various router companies. Access to gives you administrator access for your home or office network.

Complete traffic of your network travel from your default gateway. To explain in simple terms, you have setup internet connection with Telstra router and default IP address of this router is You have connected your smartphone with this IP address and typing to open www. Request to access any website will flow to your router and then to internet.

How to Login to Admin

Login to is very easy . Please follow steps mentioned below in same sequence and you can easily access admin panel of your router or ASDL modem.

Prerequisites for

There are some prerequisites to access admin access. Below are same.

  • Router must be connected to power and switched on. If router can run on battery, it should have sufficient battery
  • Device from which you want to access should be connected to this router. You can achieve same by using Ethernet connection cable or Wireless connection(WiFi).

Once prerequisites are done, follow below steps.

  1. Open Google chrome or any other browser and type People also search for terms like http: or https: or http // or www. Kindly try to avoid typing mistakes and correct address is
  2. Your router default gateway login will be opened and it will ask you to enter default gateway admin username and password i.e admin username,password. 90% of users doesn’t change this password and use default password set by company. Default admin username and password is labelled on your router
  3. Select Manual settings if you have knowledge of configuring router or select Automatic. Most of the routers provide automatic settings for ease of its customers. For manual settings, user can go through router user manual for correct settings.

Please note incorrect settings may result that you are not able to connect to internet. Please be very careful while configuring router. You can comment below for any help in router configuration and our experts will help.

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